Jaime Paz

With complexity increasing and customer expectations evolving, Disputes teams have a more critical mandate than ever. Participating roundtable members detail their back-office structure, including internal process flows and work streams, and share best practices for handling fraud and non-fraud dispute types. Spanning both credit and debit, conversations touch on staffing strategies, network chargeback rules, technology, and the regulatory environment.

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Sample meeting topics include:

Dispute Trends, Intake Procedure and Best Practices, Workflow Processes

Trends in disputes activity, actions taken with high-volume merchants, and development of self-service channels

Network Changes

Handling payment network chargeback rule changes (e.g., Visa Claims Resolution or Mastercard Dispute Resolution) and their resulting implications on process flows and IT requirements

Emerging Technology

Automation aimed at increasing process efficiency and improved customer experience.

Third-Parties in the Dispute Resolution Process

How third-party vendors are augmenting the dispute resolution process

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