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The Auriemma Roundtables experience is about relationships.

Our people work hard for our clients and we work hard for our people – by developing them professionally and empowering them to transform our company for the future.

Working here encompasses respect, accountability, and support. We have honest conversations with employees about their career goals and work to help them get to the next level. That means immersion in new business areas to accelerate learning and development and exposure to a vast professional network.

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Working at Auriemma Roundtables

  • Marjorie Beliah
    Marjorie Beliah

    Marjorie got her first taste of accounting in college at Stony Brook University, where she served as treasurer of the student government.

    Marjorie Beliah

    Marjorie Beliah


    Marjorie got her first taste of accounting in college at Stony Brook University, where she served as treasurer of the student government and controlled more than $1 million in student activity fees. She liked accounting so much she decided to make a career of it, working as a staff accountant for various organizations before joining Auriemma Roundtables as bookkeeper in 2007. Marjorie has been promoted three times since then and currently serves as Director of Accounting for the firm.

    What do you like about working for Auriemma Roundtables?

    Because we’re a small firm, you have the opportunity to be involved in the different stages of any project or work that needs to get done. You have the ability to see where your interests truly lie, and you’re given the opportunity to create a role that aligns with those interests and the company’s business needs. You’re able to forge your own path.

    What do you like about your role?

    It’s not just pure accounting. I’m an architect too. I build things. For example, last year I led a project to automate the expense management process. I helped move the firm from paper expense reports to a web and mobile application. It improved the experience for staff submitting expense reports and increased efficiency for accounting, since all expenses are now easily transferred into our accounting system.

    What do you like to do outside of work?

    Outside of work I play an active role in my son’s life. I coach track, serve on the Boy Scouts committee, and helped put together the yearbook for him and his classmates. With the Boy Scouts we’ve gone hiking, running and biking. I didn’t think I’d like hiking, but we did a bunch of hikes for his merit badge and I liked it!

  • Lindsey Jacoby
    Lindsey Jacoby
    Senior Director

    Lindsey was three years into a journalism career when she heard about Auriemma Roundtables through a recruiter in 2011.

    Lindsey Jacoby

    Lindsey Jacoby

    Senior Director

    Lindsey was three years into a journalism career when she heard about Auriemma Roundtables through a recruiter in 2011. After learning more, she saw connections with the skills she used in journalism, and decided to join the company as an Associate. Lindsey started applying her writing and analytical skills in new ways, and her career quickly took off. After several promotions, Lindsey is now a Senior Director responsible for advancing the business model and strategic direction of Roundtables.

    How does your background shape your perspective in your role at Auriemma Roundtables?

    Coming from a journalism/writing background I have a natural tendency to want to take a step back and evaluate all angles of a situation while questioning and digging deeper into the issues. Auriemma Roundtables allowed me to see how I could apply that skill to a business-focused role and use it to shape processes, find efficiencies, and creatively think about our business model now and in the future. My role started out more tactical and has since evolved into more strategic thinking. That growth is due to the company’s willingness to give employees from different backgrounds the flexibility to explore and experiment in using their skills.

    What experiences have had the biggest impact on your career development?

    Managing our team of associates for four years taught me how to be assertive, how to listen, how to deliver feedback, and the type of leader that I want to be. I learned interviewing and recruiting skills and had the opportunity to create a career path matrix for the company that has helped associates advance in their careers. At times it was stressful, but watching associates grow and develop was the most rewarding experience.

    How have professional relationships influenced your career?

    The access I had to our Leadership Team when I first started as an associate was very different from any other company. Associates were encouraged to have formal meetings with the Leadership Team to learn more about the company and their respective roles. It was through those one-on-one conversations that I learned about the culture and vision of the company and how I gained confidence to express new ideas.

    Describe the work-life balance here.

    Flexibility and work/life balance are extremely important values at this point in my career. To know I have the trust and support of the company to be an effective and productive employee while still being there for my family is invaluable. It’s extremely difficult to feel like you have to choose between being there for your child and your career. The company has provided me with the ability to do whatever needs to be done to be present and successful at both.

    If you could choose one experience that encapsulates the culture at Auriemma Roundtables, what would it be?

    A few years ago, the staff got together to organize a wiffle ball game. All employees played a role in helping to organize the event and everyone brought an item to contribute to the day. All staff levels participated, and many brought their families along to the event. The teams were Mets vs. Yankees fans and everyone had a great time observing or participating in the competition. That same type of environment is what you can expect — all staff levels are engaged and come together to each play a role in contributing to the end goal.

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Our core values drive everything we do: How we interact with each other, how we serve clients, and how we approach our work.


  • respect people, opinions, and ideas,
  • are accountable for our actions,
  • are professional in our conduct,
  • are passionate about what we do.

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