We bring the right people to the table

The Anti-Sponsorship.

Auriemma Roundtables’ clients expect insight, industry expertise and thought leadership as part of their membership experience. We work with selected Knowledge Partners to deliver value to clients and the industry.

Conferences are transactional, crowded and filled with sales pitches. Roundtables are powerful communities of insight and operational excellence. With our approach, outside firms can engage with Roundtable clients in meaningful, industry-changing ways across a variety of touchpoints.

Benefits Include:
  • Building brand awareness and showcasing expertise to a curated group of executives
  • Deeply connecting with your core market to identify new needs, opportunities and challenges
  • Active engagement with key industry decision makers that far exceed the value and interaction of conference sponsorship
  • Staying abreast of key industry issues via interactions with industry members and Auriemma


Get involved as a Knowledge Partner.

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