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Convening full-service banks, card issuers, and auto lenders, the Credit Bureau Roundtable focuses on common challenges associated with data furnishing and dispute handling, including methods for managing CRO volume, adhering to internal compliance controls, managing exceptions, and analyzing regulatory requirements. The group occasionally hosts guest speakers from the credit reporting agencies to supplement peer discussions.

Sample meeting topics include:

Accuracy in Credit Reporting

Preserve the integrity of credit reporting by comparing interpretations of intricate Metro 2 guidelines and ultimate reporting decisions across the industry

Error Prevention and Remediation

Share pre-and post furnishing validation methods aimed at reducing rejects, as well as change management processes to ensure remediation

Disputes Handling

Discuss the effect of greater consumer awareness and the influence of third party repair organizations on dispute volume and learn how furnishers are managing efficiencies

CRA Relationship Management

Improve communications with reporting agencies by understanding their policy and procedure differences and aligning feedback with other data furnishers

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