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Oriented toward contact center servicing strategy, the Consumer Banking Customer Service Roundtable focuses on a range of operational objectives – from delivering consistent, exceptional multi-channel experiences to leveraging data to better predict, route, and respond to customer inquiries. Conversations highlight best practices in managing contact centers, such as developing effective staffing strategies, anticipating regulatory impact, and using technology and automation to enable more personal and proactive service delivery.

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Sample topics include:

Staff Management

Organizational structures, onboarding processes, coaching strategies, and talent development initiatives to improve service levels, boost employee morale, and mitigate attrition challenges

Complaint Management

Policies and procedures of peer organizations to manage complaint volume and mitigate risk through effective reporting and remediation efforts

Servicing Technology

Implementing and enhancing communication channels to improve customer experience; new customer identification tools to track the customer journey and improve routing efficiency

Regulatory Requirements

Recent exam experience; aligning to industry standards regarding regulatory hot topics

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