December 9, 2014

Auriemma Announces 30th Industry Roundtable in Firm’s 30th Year

(New York, NY):  Auriemma Group reached dual milestones in 2014, surpassing 30 Industry Roundtables as the consultancy marked its 30th anniversary. The announcement comes following the successful launch of three new groups this fall.

Auriemma has introduced an increasingly diverse set of resources to the financial services industry, expanding a platform that serves more than 100 participating firms in the US, UK, and Canada.

New offerings focus on critical compliance and customer experience areas—including vendor management and credit bureau disputes and reporting—and broaden the selection of fraud control services available to banks. The operation has also expanded into additional market segments: in October, Auriemma leveraged a core area of expertise to launch a Roundtable in the co-brand credit card space.

Recent additions join a range of established groups spanning credit, debit, auto finance, retail banking, and brokerage.

“Our ability to expand the practice into new vertical market sectors is evidence of the robustness of our model,” said Jeff Tennenbaum, Auriemma’s Director for Global Business Development, “and we continue to have ambitious plans for growth going forward.”

Member organizations represent the majority of the top financial institutions, with more than 350 client memberships across all 30 groups.

Each Roundtable offers participating companies a suite of resources, including regular, peer-to-peer interaction, advisory services, and comprehensive benchmarking. With more than 350 studies performed annually, Auriemma is the preeminent source for benchmarking within the payments and lending industry.

Over the past three decades Auriemma’s Roundtables have become renowned within their respective disciplines, equipping members with a platform to compare practices, examine risk management techniques, and assess the performance of key business functions relative to the competitive landscape. Annual attrition has been below 4 percent historically.

“The Roundtables offer enormous return on investment potential for our partners,” said Tom LaMagna, who leads the practice. “It’s great to see that the Roundtables have become an organic part of our clients’ business models.”

About Auriemma Consulting Group

Auriemma is a boutique management consulting firm with specialized focus on the Payments and Lending space.  We deliver actionable solutions and insights that add value to our clients’ business activities across a broad set of industry topics and disciplines.  For more information about Auriemma’s Roundtables, please contact Tom LaMagna at 212-323-7000.

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