April 16, 2024

Auriemma Roundtables Launches New Deposit Risk Roundtable  

Auriemma Roundtables is excited to announce its newest Roundtable: Deposit Risk. This business intelligence platform exclusively serves consumer deposit risk management executives.

Members have access to a suite of tools to identify best-in-class risk management strategies, as well as effectively evaluate the economic trends, technological advancements, and key industry developments impacting the deposit product line.  Benefits include member-only meetings, benchmarking (under development to launch in Q3 2024) and custom research requests. These capabilities inform how decisionmakers address ever-evolving challenges. 

Focus areas include: 

Deposit Underwriting:  

  • Underwriting flow: Tools and data sources to determine deposit applicants’ risk levels for account decisioning. 
  • Access and limits: Factors determining initial access and limits for new accounts and processes to expand access as accounts age. 


Funds Availability and Limit Management: 

  • Deposited funds availability: Processes and considerations that determine risk of accountholder and deposited item to determine funds availability across all channels. 
  • Limit Management: Determining limits across channels for aggregating transaction limits to prevent spillover to more vulnerable workflows. 


Regulatory Feedback: 

  • Industry perspectives on recent regulatory changes and feedback (NSF program changes, “junk fees”) 


Membership is limited to risk management executives overseeing consumer deposit portfolios. For information on joining this Roundtable, contact Zeenat Shah, Director of Sales at ( or (646) 343-4422. 


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