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This Roundtable is focused on developing and implementing best-in-class fraud prevention to combat current and emerging fraud threats, including fraud mitigation strategies, authentication for fraud referrals and manual reviews, and dealer buybacks. Organizations benefit from discussions covering challenges with pinpointing fraud in virtual environment, understanding the regulatory landscape to have an effective SAR decision-making process, and proactive fraud identification.

Sample meeting topics include:

Emerging Fraud Trends

Challenges with pinpointing fraud in virtual environment which include Payment Fraud, Synthetic ID Fraud, Fraudulent Liens

SAR Management

Understanding the regulatory landscape to have an effective SAR decision-making process in place to monitor and identify suspicious activity.

Proactive Fraud Identification

Strategies, technologies, and systems to help deter fraud at originations.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Use of identity verification tools, eCBSV, SSA-89, and third-party vendors (Experian Precise ID, LexisNexis FraudPoint); Identifying major fraud rings and sharing best practices to combat concentrated fraud activity.

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