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Identifying, responding to and analyzing complaints are the key elements driving this group’s discussions and research. Using insights from this Roundtable, member organizations are able to better identify complaints, use complaints to identify process and product improvements, ensure adherence to compliance standards and prevent customer attrition.

Ideal participants are knowledgeable about complaint management across multiple channels, from phone to social media, as well as how complaints can be leveraged to identify opportunities across products and portfolios.

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Sample meeting topics include:

Complaint Management

How organizations are defining, tagging, routing and responding to complaints, as well as evolutions of these programs

Relationship Between Complaints & Customer Behavior

Strategies to deepen usage of complaint data to prevent customer attrition, regulatory complaints & improve customer satisfaction

Identifying Root-Cause of Complaints

Governance, reporting and analytics to highlight issues that have regulatory implications or averse affects on customer experience

Voice Analytics

Leveraging technology to identify, tag or otherwise improve routing of complaints

Customer Journey Mapping

How journey mapping can identify the “moments that matter,” as well as measuring ROI of such exercises.

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