Jaime Paz

Debit product managers face increasing complexity as the mandates of fraud prevention, technology evolution, and post-Durbin portfolio optimization intensify. Participating companies exchange best practices for managing the debit portfolio, from distribution and product marketing ideas to Regulation II compliance and regulatory preparedness initiatives. Covering the full spectrum of product strategy, collaborative discussions highlight methods to drive usage, build deeper digital engagement, strengthen anti-fraud defenses, and increase operational efficiency.

Sample meeting topics include:


Trends in card-present and card-not-present (CNP) activity, data compromise response strategies, emerging vulnerabilities, methods of attack, and fraud prevention solutions


Insight and perspectives on challenges associated with the development and implementation of contactless strategies


Trends in mobile and P2P payments, card functionality, and digital instant issuance

Debit Portfolio Performance

Assessing account growth, utilization, sales volumes, average transaction size, online vs. POS usage and more

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