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Dedicated to autodialer and contact management technology and its operational application, the Dialer Strategy Roundtable analyzes specific vendor platforms, software releases, and their related functionality.

The roundtable provides an opportunity to understand different dialing tactics so lenders can weigh them against internal techniques, arrive at a strategy that optimizes loss prevention and efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Sample meeting topics include:

Dialer Platform & Compliance Management 

Creating/monitoring dialer strategies, resources, system maintenance, network interruptions, disaster recovery, etc.

Dialer Strategies 

Dialer administration techniques and strategies to manage pacing, agent utilization, and call frequency, while optimizing intensity, RPCs, call blending, specialty campaigns & segmentation strategy; managing cell phone consent, revocation and ownership

Building Toward Omnichannel Communication

Integrating non-voice channels (e-mail, text, self-service) contact strategy and execution with calling efforts

Impact of Regulatory Environment

Interpreting and responding to regulatory issues such as TCPA risk, state-specific dialing laws, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)-related restrictions

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