Ira Goldman 

Intensifying regulatory pressure, new consumer disclosure pitfalls, and the rise of digital channels have transformed how financial institutions execute marketing activities, from offer delivery and fulfillment to the rollout of new products, services, and campaigns. The Marketing Operations Roundtable provides a forum to discuss the full spectrum of process dependencies – including hand-offs from marketing strategy, Legal & Compliance approval requirements, project management across an array of stakeholders, required technology/infrastructure support, and vendor management.

Sample meeting topics include:

Capacity and Resource Planning

Best-in-class execution and project management strategies across multiple projects, including ownership and involvement levels for key decisions and interaction models with Compliance counterparts

Vendor and Third-Party Relationships

Best practices in managing relationships and deliverables, ranging from creative agencies to print/e-mail vendors

COVID-19 Impacts

Re-entering the market in COVID-19 environment, including USPS challenges and outsourcing to overcome capacity constraints

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