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Convening full-service banks, card issuers, and auto lenders, the Vendor Management Roundtable focuses on common challenges associated with the highly complex third-party oversight function – from onboarding and risk-ranking to ongoing audit and governance structures. Participating companies discuss industry best practices with a view toward operational efficiency, effectiveness, and risk management, as well as impacts to the customer experience.

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Sample meeting topics include:

Holistic Vendor Management Protocols

Establishing a risk assessment framework; identifying critical vs. non-critical service providers; effectively communicating due diligence standards across the organization; creating contingency plans

Operational Vendor Oversight and Guidance

Strategies for managing the first line of defense; monitoring enterprise-level policy implementation within the business units; providing consistent guidance and training to vendor relationship managers

Impact of Regulatory Change on Vendor Management

Leveraging different interpretations and approaches; determining impact; defining compliance requirements; establishing third-party contract controls

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