May 7, 2024

Dialer Strategy Roundtable is Now the Outbound Collections Contact Strategies Roundtable

The rebranded Roundtable better captures the state of outbound customer contacts in the collections industry. 

Auriemma Roundtables has renamed its long-running Dialer Strategy Roundtable as the Outbound Collections Contact Strategies Roundtable. This rebranding encapsulates the myriad methods lenders employ in contacting delinquent customers. These methods extend far beyond the voice channel into self-service, SMS, e-mail, and more. 

“When this Roundtable was created, agents worked their caseloads primarily over the phone,” Auriemma Roundtables Director Craig Grimes. “That, of course, has changed with the adoption of digital communication tools. The new Roundtable name better reflects that evolution.” 

Expanded Roundtable and Benchmarking Scope 

The renamed Roundtable will continue to feature strategies for managing pacing, agent utilization, and call frequency. Specific topics will include optimizing intensity, call blending, specialty campaigns, segmentation strategy, and navigating cell phone consent and ownership.  

But in addition to those dialer and voice channel-centered topics, members will share best practices around: 

  • Implementing and/or improving the performance of digitized communications, such as email, SMS, and self-service. 
  • Aligning and integrating electronic communications with traditional telephone outreach 
  • Regulatory obstacles and solutions specific to digital channels 


Benchmarking metrics have also been expanded to include: 

  • Chat average handle time 
  • Digital SMS payment functionality 
  • Average customer response time 
  • Average time to assign message to agent 
  • Proportion of messages handled by automation/chatbot 
  • Target service levels (chat) 


To learn more about more about how to get involved with this expanded Roundtable, contact Zeenat Shah, Director of Sales. 

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