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Bringing together product executives from consumer banks and fintech lenders, the Personal Lending Management Roundtable facilitates strategic and collaborative dialogue on critical issues facing the industry. Discussions will highlight key portfolio management topics, including the economic environment growth impacts, product cyclicality and credit issues, channel performance, the impact of new credit scoring and technological innovations, fraud, and significant regulatory challenges.

Sample meeting topics include:

Acquisitions & Marketing

Credit risk environment and marketing trends, including COVID-19 impacts and evolving channel performance across direct mail, online, aggregators, and in-branch.

Industry Performance

The economic drivers affecting Unsecured Lending products, including consumer debt, the regulatory environment, and more.

Fraud Trends & Mitigation

Managing current fraud dynamics, including fraud at acquisition, loan stacking, and tools and technologies for prevention.

Delinquencies & Losses

Delinquency, roll rates, and vintage-based performance.

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