October 7, 2020

Data Snapshot: Early-Stage Delinquency and Entry Rates

While collections performance remains stable, early-stage delinquency and entry rates are showing signs of deterioration for some lenders,  according to Auriemma Roundtables Card Collections data. As the pandemic environment continues, organizations are monitoring leading indicators, including the expiration of supplemental unemployment benefits, customer relief programs, and reduced stimulus cashflow. Cycles 2+ delinquency improved, largely as a function of early-stage accounts in COVID-19 programs continuing to make payments when none are required.

This data is from Auriemma Roundtables’ COVID-19 Impact Dashboard, which provides pertinent benchmark data and KPIs in the current environment. Auriemma Roundtables introduced the Impact Dashboard to help our members stay on top of business impacts related to the pandemic. For more information, contact Louis Buccheri at

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